Shark Tank Thailand Season 1 with Pinsouq

Shark Tank Thailand Season 1 where Pinsouq had the opportunity to present their business to all 4 Sharks. Around which Pinsouq presented there was Shark. It consisted of Khun Nishita Sar, Khun Chakrit Yamnam, Khun Chalermchai (Kung) ) Khun Rawit (Pee Tap) and Khun Nuttawut (Pee Moo) who came to listen to Pinsouq’s business

Shareholding offer

To begin with, Pinsouq itself offered 5% shares in exchange for an investment of 1.5 million baht to build the Pinsouq Store business for expanding services that were originally only available online. to have the first storefront with the expectation that the investment If the investment can be closed It will help Pinsouq to invest in opening the first branch more easily.

Business Model

Later we started by telling the business plan where Pinsouq came from. Initially, we developed Platform Marketplace which is an online marketplace for Halal products. with the largest number of products in Thailand With more than 100,000 products in the system, with more than 20,000 merchants presenting for sale.

Since what has begun We have seen more opportunities. Compared to being just a platform, an intermediary that allows merchants to open a product shop Come to act as a storefront for distribution to provide opportunities for the products of the store reach more consumers So that became the starting point. of bringing the first type of product to try it out, which is date products and date palm juice

The amount obtained from bringing frozen products to the market in various stores, causing the Platform to earn as high as 2,000,000 baht / month, leading to the extension of the said business plan for Shark to decide to invest.

Operation & Procress

When we have already presented a form of earning. It will go into the step that each service has a working process by explaining that the products in the store are the products that the factory sends to us to market. which the shop does not need to buy that product first but can bring such products to market and distribute

Most of the products sold are paid in cash. to be paid to the factory for ordering the next set of products to be distributed to various stores that the shop has not yet offered such which is indicative of The risk of the shop is reduced. by not buying products to keep before But take it to market first. and pay for the product later

Question & Answer

When the presentation ends It will be a Q&A session for all 4 Sharks that what we have to offer How reliable is it? Each Shark asks a question from a specific point of view. and then want to ask questions that solve their doubts.

This questioning will be the last gate. to prove that The business that we offer How much is there a possibility? if the question answered It’s a direct question to what Shark sees as possible. It will make investment decisions with the proposed business.

What will the outcome be? I would like everyone to come and try it. That concludes that Pinsouq will have anyone who wants to invest in this business, which Pinsouq itself has already put a clip above. Let’s go and see.

For anyone who wants to inquire. Service details or want to be a sales representative, you can contact the shop right away.

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