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Pinsouq Store delivers care to all customers. It’s a good time that the Pinsouq team is mobilizing to launch an online fresh food delivery service. During the crisis that CORONA VIRUS or COVID-19 is entering the epidemic period rapidly in all areas. due to food hoarding incidents It’s so common on social media that panicked people are hoarding food.

Pinsouq Store itself provides fresh food delivery service. All types to the front of your home under the service points that Pinsouq branches provide, including

  • Pinsouq Store : Pattani Branch
  • Pinsouq Store : Yala Branch
  • Pinsouq Store : Ayuthaya Branch
  • Pinsouq Store : Songkla Branch (Hatyai)
  • Pinsouq Store : Bangkok Branch (Ladprao)
  • Pinsouq Store : Pathumthani Branch (Rangsit)

Products that the customer ordered on the page all products which the system within the website, customers can pay from credit/debit card Transfer to account or pay on destination (for the city or nearby) whereby the team will notify the delivery status when the product is finished.

Another channel that Pinsouq Store provides is the Line OA channel (click here). and can inquire about the products that each person wants as well This will help facilitate everyone to receive the most complete product information. along with introducing various food ingredients suitable for the business of a restaurant that want to be used in doing business in those businesses

For Social Media channels, it is ready for those who are convenient to use via Facebook. The shop has a Page Pinsouq for those who want to use the service in this channel. You can follow the news or ask for the products you want as well as other channels. To provide the highest convenience in ordering those products and services

The service, the Pinsouq team, hopes to ease some of the anxiety. to give confidence to customers that The interests of the customers are the location. for maximum convenience both during normal conditions and this crisis But what are the products in the shop?

Beef Steak


Beef of Pinsouq Store selects good breed cows from quality farms. complete standard for those who like to eat meat The meat of the shop has many varieties to choose from. Since the Australian Black Anggan, Chalole, and many others

In addition to a wide variety of varieties for people with different tastes in eating. The shop’s own beef There are also various fattening styles to choose from, ranging from various wagyu that have been fattened with specific foods. which each species each fattening food It will enhance the unique flavor of those meats to make them more distinctive.

The last part is meat in various forms presented through consumer usage patterns that creates the perfect meat for making steak with different parts to choose from or whether the meat will be used to make shabu The shop also has a sliced ​​area ready to be used to make shabu. Eat yourself at home as well. which enhances the level of meat-eating for everyone to enjoy the taste of every piece of meat perfectly.

Japanese Ingredient

For Japanese restaurants that want to use ingredients to cook in the restaurant. You can order from the store as well. which the shop has a full range of raw materials From sliced ​​salmon to purpose, roe, wasabi, or shoyu, to Pinsouq Store’s in-house delivery service to restaurants in need, the Pinsouq Store offers daily delivery of ingredients. Reduce the burden of storage and the cost of storing items that are too much for daily use.

Sauce & Seasoning

ซอสสุกี้ พริกกะเหรี่ยง - Pinsouq Store ร้านเนื้อ ที่รู้ใจคนทานเนื้อ

The important thing that is indispensable is Various seasoning sauces that Pinsouq Store has prepared for everyone to be able to order in one place, including suki sauce, seafood sauce, shabu sauce, whether it’s black sauce or tom yum sauce, for those who want to grill. or make your own shabu-shabu at home without having to sit and prepare the soup Switch to the instant broth in boiling water. The taste will be no different from eating at a famous shabu restaurant. Just tear and pour.

This is just a sample of all the products in the Pinsouq Store, where everyone can see the products of the store for themselves. through the service point of the 7 branches mentioned above so that customers can use the service more efficiently through the full service of the shop that are ready to raise the level of service to a higher level according to the needs of all customers

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